We have a wide selection of barn beams for you to hand pick the right piece for your project. Our barn beam inventory varies throughout the year, but we typically have a few different styles and wood species available. When it comes to beams there are 3 options: hand hewn, rough sawn and sleepers (see the variations below). Just give us a call with the size and type you have in mind and we'll see if we have what you need.


Hand Hewn beams

Hand hewn beams were shaped with an axe so they have jagged marks throughout the beam. Hewing beams was the standard way of squaring up logs for timber framing before advent of the industrial era sawmill. They are usually older and offer a little more character.


Rough sawn beams

Rough sawn beams came along after the arrival of the sawmill. They offer a more refined rustic appeal with the circle sawn teeth marks left behind from the saw blade as it was first milled.

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Sleeper Beams

Sleepers are are logs that were hewn on the top and bottom sides while the two edges were left rounded, showing the live edge. These were used as floor joists in barns that held up the floors. Sleepers make for very unique mantel pieces.

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